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Web Design FAQ's
Website Basics

Q: What is a domain name?
A: A domain name (or TLD) is "www.whatever-you-want.com". It is registered thru a domain registrar and pointed at your web server.

Q: What is a web host?
A: A web host or web server is a computer that is connected to an internet backbone and is capable of serving your web pages to other computers. Your website bust be hosted on a web server.

Q: Can't I just host the website from my own computer?
A: While it is possible it is not recommended. A web hosting company is much better equipped for this. A reliable web host will have much better performance, reliability, security, and a lot less headache. For as little as hosting costs these days, there's no reason to try to set up your own make-shift data center. If you don't all ready have a good, For reliable hosting solutions we would recommend HostGator.

Q: How do I get at the top of the search results?
A: While we always design websites with search engine optimization in mind, you have to remember that everyone else in your industry is fighting for the same spot. Please see our Search Engine Optimization page for some great tips on getting great search results. If you are depending on traffic to your website to drive your business, then you need to create a solid marketing and advertising campaign.

Q: Why don't your Quick Start Website Packages include logo design?
A: We don't price our packages with logo design included because many people already have a logo for their business. We don't like our customers to feel like they're paying for something they're not using so we offer logo design as a separate service if needed.


Q: Will this make me quick money so I can get rich and retire?
A: Absolutely not. Well... not in most circumstances anyway. Running an online store requires just as much hard work and dedication as running any other business.

O.B.C (Online Business Card)

Q: How many web pages can I have with this package?
A: While the package pricing includes ONE, we can add however many you'd like (along with the necessary links) at our normal hourly rate.

Q: How do I update my information and content with the OBC package.
A: Upon project completion you will be given the login information to a back-end system that will allow you to change the content as you please. While you WILL be able to update and change the content you will NOT be able to change the layout your self.

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